Historic South Park

Welcome! Keep up with the social events, volunteer opportunities, council meetings, history and community activities that make living in this friendly inner Dayton, Ohio neighborhood uniquely enjoyable.
“Community is not found easily these days. So when you find even a little, life seems richer.”

More Than Historic

Historic South Park Inc. (HSPI) is an all volunteer neighborhood council that cherishes the past and nurtures a progressive healthy, close-knit community by sponsoring socials. safety, beautification and improvement projects.

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience and just plain loving one another.”  Erma Bombeck

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A Smashing Success: 2023 Shakespeare, Murder Mystery, and on we go!

We’re so grateful for the many hard-working volunteers who bring us these amazing annual events! Shakespeare in South Park was a rousing success with A Midsummer Night’s Dream; The Murder Mystery Home Tour hit it out of the park with Trigger Mortis: A Gangster’s Revenge. And into fall/winter we go, with more events for South Park neighbors.

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Latest Events


September 2023 Meeting Minutes

HSPI is open for nominations for Pres, 2nd VP and Treas. Plus, a street safety update. We also look ahead to our Fall/Winter neighborhood events.

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We rely on your voices and volunteerism to make things happen!  Become a member of our neighborhood council to stay abreast of issues, and have a voice in shaping the neighborhood.