Historic South Park Inc General Members Meeting

May 24, 2022, Hope Lutheran Church

Call to Order by Mark Manovich, 7pm

Presidents’ Report

HSPI is helping South Park neighbors move the community garden from Burns and Nathan to Burns-Jackson Park, by entering into an agreement between the City of Dayton, HSPI, and the South Park Urban Garden (SPUG) leaders Zac Reed and Luke Wuertemburger. Jackie Van Tilburgh is applying for a City of Dayton Mini-grant to pay for materials to construct new garden beds at the new location.

Committee and Other Reports

Anti-Crime (Mark Keller) – no update

Housing/Development (Karin Manovich).

Our new housing inspector, Jonathan, visited 22 South Park homes to cite them for not following Landmark rules, zoning rules, or being nuisance properties.

Treasurer (Holly DiFlora). HSPI received additional donations.

Social (Sarah Morris) – Upcoming events include a neighborhood wide Yard Sale took place Saturday, May 14, The Perennial Exchange was rescheduled to May 7th , and the New neighbor party on May 12 was a huge success, thank you to the Abby and Patrick Reed for hosting. Our First PPD (Porch Patio Deck Party will be June 11th.

Parks (Jill Davis) – Two-thirds of the work funded by our City of Dayton Mini-grant has been completed: Blommel Park posts (bollards) to prevent drive throughs and the beautification of SP green.

Block Captains (Amanda Korb & Brandon Rogers) – Most blocks now have block captains.

Membership (Heath MacAlpine) – HSPI continues to see an increase in membership and campaign for renewals. Membership did buy a point-of-purchase piece of technology to help members pay their dues in person at any HSPI event – Square for credit/debit cards with chips.

Reunion Block Party (Karin Manovich) – The Party now has $2,000 in sponsorships. Branch and Bone will be liquor partner. A liquor license has been obtained. City of Dayton waived the fee to use its public park (the Park Drive Boulevard) for the event. Ken Butler will provide sound system as well as background music for tips. Beer sales should be very nice fundraiser for HSPI as we will receive a portion of every beer ticket sold. We’re working on getting a food truck.

Historian (Sarah Dugan) – no report.

Gazebo Concerts (Veronica Court) – City Mini-grant application for Community Engagement needs signatures. The $1000 Grant must be matched by 50% in either donations or volunteer hours valued at $28/hour by the City. Concerts will likely be early July and mid August.

New Business – none.

Meeting adjourned.

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