We gather again to share our garden plants!

Saturday, April 15, 1-1:30 pm in the South Park Green (Hickory at James) 

Please note the new time.

The Annual Perennial Exchange is a wonderful way to save money, beautify the neighborhood and meet new friends. 

Neighbors who thin their perennials bring their extras to share, and acquire new plants in exchange. Neighbors needing plants but have none are welcome to take them.

Arrive on time or even a bit early, as latecomers often miss out!

Questions? Betsy Wilson at [email protected].


Some garden plants thrive when they are divided in the spring. such as:
  • Asters  – divide asters every 3 years.
  • Black-eyed Susans – divide them every 2 years
  • Mums – divide every two years
  • Daisy – every couple of years
  • Garden Phlox – every 3-4 years
  • Hardy Geranium – every 3 years
  • Hosta – gardener’s choice; they may not need to be divided for years
  • Sedum – every 3-4 years
We trust neighborhood gardeners to know best. You may divide plants, or you may dig them up completely and bring them to South Park Green to share.

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