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Let’s Celebrate 2024’s Amazing Blommel Park Improvements!

The neighborhood came together to fund raise for a major playground makeover in Blommel Park. Let’s take a moment to thank all those who made it possible. Plus — It’s not quite done! Read on…

Toddler Playground Fundraiser in Full Swing!

If you love to see young families sharing in happy, healthy outdoor play, please donate!

Looking Back: HSPI had a busy 2023

In case you missed it: HSPI had a very challenging 2023. Thanks to many hard-working volunteers, we accomplished a great deal. We’re taking a moment to review before we face whatever 2024 will bring.

A Street Card for those in Homelessness

Updated: April 2021. SPONSORED BY: The Homeless Solutions Policy Board and Partner Organizations of Montgomery County Ohio. For more information, call United Way HelpLink 937-225-3000 or 211. Collect calls are accepted.