Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at Hope Lutheran Church

Call to Order: Galen Wilson, Treasurer, at 7pm

Introductions and Social Time Invite

Community Reports

City of Dayton Police Report – Officer Zach Faltys

  1. Since the beginning of 2024, South Park crime is slightly up as it is in many neighborhoods. While violent crimes are low, there has been one arrest for sexual assault. One more breaking-and-entering arrest this month compared to last. Shop lifting from the local businesses is up with 5 arrests this month. We’ve had one less motor vehicle theft this month – 2 versus 3 last month. Simple assault is up with 4 this month versus last month – in each case the perpetrator knew the victim. Trespasses are up as well as drug and narcotic activity. Traffic speed enforcement is up with 3 additional citations.
  2. Neighbors asked Office Faltys for speed enforcement on Hickory and Bonner while parents leave Emerson Academy with their children; neighbors asked for continued observation on the scammers going door-to-door selling fake cleaning products; one neighbor asked if there was an update on his reported theft of a briefcase.


Community Engagement, City of Dayton

Everyone is invited to International Women’s Day event being held March 9, 2024.

General Meeting Minutes from January approved with no corrections.

Presidents Report

  1. The Dayton Board of Zoning Appeals voted to approve the new construction of Liberty High School at Wayne/Wyoming.
  2. South Park plans to take part in the city-wide Earth Day Clean Up with The Living City Project and the City of Dayton – Saturday morning, April 20th. A volunteer leader is needed to support Mark by picking up supplies from the City.
  3. Emerson Academy with help from the City of Dayton is moving ahead with its plans to change the parent pickup/drop offs to Buckeye Street, alleviating the congestion on Hickory Street. The current bus turnaround circle on Buckeye will be greatly expanded to accommodate parent vehicles and will be finished by next year.
  4. Revised Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) process. There is a new process to get permission to make Landmark approved changes/repairs to your home’s exterior. It’s explained on the City’s website. Chair of Housing, Karin Manovich passed around the City’s new door hangers announcing the process change.

Committee Reports



  • The Parks Committee welcomes subcommittee chair, Katrina Badger, whose team will be working with the City and South Park on improvements to Blommel Park.
  • Parks needs garden volunteers to help clean out garden beds around the neighborhood (raking and weeding). If you can help, please leave us your contact information.
  • The Committee is still in the planning stages for Spring: plans will
  • include Grant writing to fund blooming annuals, new hedge plants in the Gazebo gardens, and the beautification of the circle garden in the middle of the Boulevard at 200 block of Park Drive.
  • Working with the city for the planning of new trees, removal of dead trees.
  • Fence repair and crash barriers at Blommel Park
  • Neighbor brought up concerns about the Adams Park and its condition. They will coordinate with Nick Vanderpool, Parks Committee Chair.

Block Captains:

As part of the 2024 Membership Drive, Chair Amanda Korb will flyer the neighborhood with our new membership form. She’d love help with door to door distribution, please volunteer. d.


We have about 40 members with $750 towards our goal of raising $1,500 for the HSPI operating fund.  HSPI is the liaison between the neighborhood and the city. It’s a great way to make your voice heard and get things done. Please join HSPI as a member or renew your annual membership.


  • If you are on the Facebook group page, Historic South Park Discussion, please help inform your neighbors by sharing posts from our official Facebook business page, Historic South Park.
  • Please also look at the www.historicsouthpark.org website to be in the know.
  • If you’d like to receive our emailed Newsletter, sign up at the top of our Facebook page, or from the main menu of our website.


  • If you did not receive a printed HSPI Neighborhood Guide, please contact Chair Karin via [email protected].
  • We can expect about 50 homeowners to get legal orders on structural violations from the Housing Inspector. If you get one and are alarmed, please contact Karin and she can help coordinate you with the City Inspector to understand and work it out.
  • If you are able, please help pick up litter throughout the neighborhood. You are responsible for the street and all the way to the back of the alley. Theobald, Emerson Academy, and the alleys behind Alberta and Wyoming are current high litter areas.
  • Leaving your trash can in the middle of the sidewalk or alley could get you a ticket. Please bring them onto your property.

Treasury Report

Galen Wilson, Treasurer distributed copies of the proposed provisional 2024 HSPI budget for review and led the discussion, answered questions so it could be voted on later in the meeting. Galen will share a Treasurer’s Report in March.

Preservation Dayton Inc. (PDI) Report

Karin Manovich, our PDI representative handed out Preservation Dayton flyers. Karin encourages everyone to join since PDI works on behalf of all Dayton historic districts.

Each year PDI honors a neighbor from each district for a preservation award. Karin moved that this year we nominate Margie Harrell. Motion passed.

New Business

Motion to approve the proposed HSPI 2024 Provisional Budget and Calendar. Motion passed.

Motion to create a large fundraising initiative led by Katrina Badger and her committee to fund improvements to the playground in Blommel, specifically for children age 4 and under, to enhance the current new playset for children age 5-12. The funding/installation of new equipment would happen in 3 phases.

  • Phase 1: Raise $44,000 for a toddler playset, 2 tandem swings and 2 spring riders.
  • Phase 2+3: If there is still momentum after Phase 1, we will raise funds to add covered benches, tables, a spinner and a merry-go-round. Then a poured rubber play surface.

Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm