Tuesday, July 25, 2023 – Branch & Bone Patio, 7-8pm, followed by a mini-social

Officers in attendance: Mark Manovich, Nick Vanderpool,

Committee chairs: Karin Manovich, Nick Vanderpool

Call to order

Police report: South Park experienced the usual level of petty property crime. Problem areas where squatters have repeatedly broken into buildings (26 Bonner, 424 Hickory Street) are under control for now. Police have stepped up enforcement at the Sunoco station at Wayne/Keowee to control the crimes, encampments, litter, trespassing, disruption of the peace and interfering with businesses along Wayne.

HSPI’s anti-crime team asked the RTA to remove their bus stop benches in the 800 and 900 block of Wayne to prevent excessive litter and gatherings that have become violent. We also reached out to local businesses and organizations to organize a task force to bring these chronic problems to the attention of the Dayton City Manager and the DPD via a formal letter for which the team collected 27 signatures.

President’s report:  the mobile enforcement unit (traffic camera) that’s been at Wayne/Park since March 15 has recorded 21,000 speeding violations in the first three months. The last few weeks, traffic has finally begun to slow down. Meanwhile, HSPI formed a Wayne Avenue Traffic Safety Coalition (WATSC) task force to gather partners and signatures on a letter for the City of Dayton, asking them to apply for funds to pay for traffic calming measures along Wayne from Wyoming to 35, to keep people safe and help this commercial stretch prosper.

Thank you again to Moeller Brew Barn and everyone who attended our fundraiser on Tuesday, July 11. We’re waiting to hear how much money we raised.

Regarding Emerson Academy’s plan to put dropoff/pickup traffic on Buckeye, we are still waiting on Emerson’s official revised plan so we can write our letter of support to the City.

Mark asked for a vote from the members for permission to install an art mosaic in the sidewalk near the gazebo of the South Park Lady, our neighborhood logo. The motion passed and Mark will tell the City of Dayton that the neighborhood approves and will seek funding to pay the $3000+ price to have the art installed.

Housing report:  The Housing committee is concentrating on blighted/vacant/abandoned properties (the worst-of-the-worst) that are vulnerable to squatters/trash/biohazards/arson. Our housing inspector, Timothy Bascom, is highly responsive. If you see dumping, blight, squatters please report toTimothy. [email protected] or call 937-333-3875. He’ll contact the owner to try and get action immediately. If he sees someone with an overgrown yard who hasn’t mowed in weeks and finds, for example, that they are elderly or have had their lawn mower stolen, he will contact the Housing Committee, who will then send neighbors to help.

Some properties that are privately owned by people who do NOT live in South Park are often visited by trespassers who potentially damage their property. Since citizens cannot call the police about trespassers on private properties they do not own, it’s been tricky trying to get DPD help for out-of-town-owned properties. Luckily, there is now a program where the property owner can delegate trespass authorization to the DPD by way of executing the Right of Entry Agreement for the Dayton Police, authorizing them to trespass people who for example, may be using the properties for a campground, a bathroom or for sex work. If someone is committing crimes on City-owned properties, anyone can still call those in.

One neighbor also urged that short-term rentals in South Park (e.g., airBNBs) register with the City/State as rental properties to police can contact the owner of the property should crimes/shootings/disturbances be committed by those who rent and party in such properties. This suggestion is based on a recent experience of neighbors being disturbed by racing ATMs, loud music, law-breaking antisocial behavior and the subsequent police response which was less than helpful.

Committee reports: The Parks Committee is in need of volunteers to weed and water.  No other committee reports.


Shakespeare in South Park will present an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, August 18, 19, 20 at 8pm in South Park Green (Hickory at James). Free, and open to the public. Bring a chair and a cooler. Donations accepted.

Beverly Francis plans to organize a nonprofit organization to pay medical expenses for sick stray cats.

Lisa Forsythe plans to organize a loose dog-catching group. Included will be 3 stations with chip scanners, volunteers who catch loose dogs, volunteers who can hold the dog for 24 hours until Lisa and her team can find a situation for it. Her group will supply crates and food. She is also willing to loan her traps to catch feral cats and take them to PAL (our free spay/neuter program whose vet works out of Hope Lutheran Church)

Meeting adjourned.