Historic South Park Inc., General Membership Meeting 6/28/2022

Board Members Present: Mark Manovich, Karin Manovich, Veronica Court, and Sarah Dugan

Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

No DPD officers present – Mark M will reach out to DPD for crime statistics.

President’s Report
Thanks to Tanza, Kaitlyn, Veronica, and Sarah Morris

Land Use meeting for Old Salvation Army building – they need a variance; BZA meeting cancelled so it will be next month before we know anything. Variance needed for proximity to St. Vincent De Paul.

Volunteers needed to mow South Park Green next Saturday and Sunday. Mark reached out for mowing schedule.

Upcoming events:


Music at the Gazebo

Reunion Party

PPD in September

Karin Manovich – no report

Sarah Dugan – no report

Veronica Court – Two musical performances will be held at the Gazebo

Bucket List Players in July

BJSR in August

Funding grant was came through to pay for the music nights

Karin Manovich – Block Party Report

Trish Williams  & Ken Butler are working on music for the event. Rubi Girls will be part of the festival. Food Truck + neighborhood restaurants will contribute. Volunteers needed – call Karin to participate. Brightside event venue is contributing ‘in-kind’ donation to provide a Beer Garden.

July 30th  from 3-6.

David Esrati said the canvas bags will be in on the 29thth. Mark M will pick then up and they can be stored at the church.

108 Bonner was mentioned as a house of concern. Karin will follow up with housing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:14

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