Come eat and socialize!

Saturday, March 11, 2023, 5-7 pm, in the Great Hall at Hope Lutheran Church 

Bring your chili (with ladle, garnish/side) and compete for our spiciest honor – Greatest Chili Chef in South Park! And since wine pairs nicely with neighbors, for $5 you get 5 chances to ring a bottle of wine, so practice your ring toss skills.

We’ll provide beer, water and soft drinks to accompany your taste tests. Come eat and socialize! RSVP at our Facebook event.

Compete, eat & vote!

To compete: Show up with your chili in a crockpot. Bring a serving spoon. If you want to, bring a side (such as chips, sour cream, cornbread, mac and cheese, jalapeños, cheese, chocolate, Beano–whatever you love to eat with chili).

To eat: If you plan to vote, sample all the entries. That’s only fair. We’ll have beer, water and soft drinks for you. Can’t decide? Just eat and enjoy!

To vote: Vote for your top chili concoction(s), using the 5 tickets we give you when you arrive. The tickets are your ballots! There will be a “ballot box” by each crock pot. Spread your votes among 5, or stuff the ballot box – by giving multiple tickets to a chili you love.

There’s great honor and a prize for the winner

We will count the ballots at 6:45 and announce which chili got the most tickets at 7:00 PM. We award the proud winner a custom apron and the title of Greatest Chili Chef in the land!

Wine bottle ring toss game – $5 for 5 chances

As if our beloved chili-fest weren’t reason enough, we’ve added a little neighborhood fundraiser into the celebrtion – ring toss, wine style!

We’ll have reds, whites and sparklers so you can try your hand at “ring-a-bottle.” If you can put a ring on it, you can take the bottle home or toss it back with your chili! (We accept cash or card.)

Get out your recipe and mark the date on your calendar!

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