Historic South Park Inc. General Meeting

Tuesday, March 26, 2024, President Mark Manovich

Call to Order:  7:03pm

Introductions and Social Time Invite

Community Reports

City of Dayton Police – no report

City of Dayton, Community Engagement Department – The City has its 2024 Neighborhood grant applications online.


Meeting Minutes: the minutes from February 2024 were approved without corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: The financial report from January-March 2024 was submitted.

President’s Report:

The Dayton Board of Zoning voted to approve the new construction of Liberty High School on the empty lot at the northeast corner of Wayne/Wyoming.

Membership Report: None

Committee Reports

  • Anti-Crime: 630 Oak Street was a major issue in the Fall of 2023 with squatting, drug use and violent crime. The Dayton Police closed the property through a civil process. Neighbors warned to be vigilant when starting their cars remotely, since someone walking by recently drove off with a running car while its owner was inside the house. If you see someone camping in the Gazebo or someone with possible mental health issues that needs intervention, please call the Dayton Police non-emergency number. As warmer weather approaches, please pay attention to your vehicles, property and parks – if something looks suspicious, please call it in. The more calls the better, as Dayton Police pay attention to call volume when it comes to coverage and quick response.


  • Parks: The Blommel Park Toddler Playground Improvements committee completed their first phase of fundraising, and the equipment was installed in record time. The kids are loving it. We have $14,000 more to raise to accomplish phase 2. The City of Dayton is donating permanent benches and picnic tables.


  • Housing & Development: We nominated neighbor Margie Harrell to receive the 2024 Preservation Award for outstanding contributions to promote, protect, and enhance greater Dayton’s architectural heritage, its setting, the neighborhood’s quality of life. While she is currently working on about 3 or 4 projects throughout the neighborhood, Margie is best known for her renovation/restoration work at The Slidertown Apartments, 50 Theobald Court, now fully occupied.


  • Social & Events:  The Easter Egg Hunt takes place Saturday, March 30 at 4pm in Blommel Park. The Annual Perennial Exchange & Giveaway happens Saturday, April 13 at 11am, at South Park Green at 11am. The Annual South Park Earth Day Neighborhood Clean Up in conjunction with the Veritas congregation, the Living City Project and the City of Dayton takes place Saturday, April 20, 9am-12n. Meet at Hope Lutheran Church and collect trash and litter from throughout South Parks streets, alleys and green spaces.
    • Early morning coffee and snacks will be provided by Ghostlight Coffee
    • At noon, pizza will be provided by The Pizza Factory
    • Supplies are also provided, but feel free to bring your own water, gloves and trash picker.
    • Place tied up full bags on the sidewalk; neighbors with trucks will circulate to pick it up for you.
    • To volunteer, send your name to [email protected].


  • Communications: No report. The Committee is looking for a Chair.


  • Street Captains: No report.


New Business

The membership voted to approve a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, Mission Statement, and Nondiscrimination Statement for Historic South Park, Inc.

The membership approved the creation of a Blommel Park Reopening Party to happen this summer with a $250 budget from our approved provisional budget for new events.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm