May 23, 2023 HSPI General Meeting

Recording Secretary: Sarah Morris

Call to Order at 7pm

Introductions and Social Time Invite

Community Reports

City of Dayton Police – Joshua

Crime incidents: 1 assault; 1 stolen vehicle this month; 3 complaints of property damage; drug and narcotic violations down.


26 Bonner Street-the same squatters keep breaking in. Neighbors advised to call and complain so police can enforce the law.

Sunoco Station at Wayne Keowee-Matt Miller owner of Carl’s Body Shop complained that the level of crime is causing business loss. Officers are working with the legal department to address Sunoco’s issues. Lt. Matthews is working with HSPI’s anti-crime team on a comprehensive plan to handle their crime.

Guest Speaker: Montgomery County Treasurer – John McManus with Miss Walters, PR

John presented the County programs that can help neighborhoods force buildings abandoned by foreclosures/tax delinquent properties on to the market.

Different types of foreclosures and how they can help our neighborhood:

  • Foreclosure by definition is a legal process whereby a current owner is disposed of their property due to not paying (property taxes, mortgage, owner of tax lien).
  • Tax lien or mortgage foreclosure properties must be must be auctioned online.
  • Anyone can attend a judicial closure sale – 1st Thursday every month at 10am (all in person).

The County has programs that allow individuals to go after tax delinquent properties to acquire those properties.

Depositor foreclosure program, a citizen initiated foreclosure:

Some homes in the neighborhood may be delinquent and may not be known to the Treasurer’s office. You can fill an application and refundable deposit ($2,000 for residential, $3,000 for commercial), which covers the administrative cost of the foreclosure.

Debt has to be certified by the Auditor to the Treasurer: done after every collection. Statutory right exists, due process, so the owner can pay off the tax fees owed all the way up until the final auction process. Deposit would be returned to the neighbor who submitted it.

Submitted as a court case after review. Then auctioned off at one of the sales. Deposit returned to you, the submitter, if you do not with the auction bid. If you do win the bid, the amount is credited to the amount owed in the bid.

This is not in conjunction with the city, you file directly through the Treasurer’s office (John).

Third party lien. Tax lien/owed amount (100% of delinquency) can be sold by the Treasurer. The sale of the lien does not mean ownership of the property itself. Liens can be purchased back, for the amount of the debt owed. John is willing to discuss these scenarios. Tax lien holders can foreclose on a lien after 1 year. The property does not need to be vacant or abandoned, just delinquent in taxes.

By rule, the depositor’s name is shielded from public record. Treasurer office does not do over the counter liens, where an individual can purchase a tax lien. Only 3rd party track record holders are allowed to purchase leins.

Expedited foreclosure:

Used to be a program called Locked Links, which was shut down. Different from tax foreclosure because it is an administrative foreclosure. The property never goes to court, and it never goes to sheriff sale. The law says the City or Land Bank may come to the Treasurer and request administrative foreclosure and a case is initiated and vetted. Goes to Mont. Board of Revision – generally where you go to appeal a tax value of your home. Can only be used by the City or Land Bank.

That property then reverts to the filer (City or Land Bank). Allows property to be given or sold.

Properties eligible for this process 1. Must be abandoned (including no squatters). 2. No utilities. 3. Value of the property must be less than the impositions on the property (delinquent taxes, etc.)

How do you access this data? Treasurers Office and Auditors Office both publish a list of all tax delinquent properties on the last day of every month. Visit:


Preservation Dayton Inc. – President Monica Snow – Proposed Ordinance for Vacant Properties


Structures which are left vacant* for extended periods of time have been shown to breed crime, pose public safety and health risks, and reduce property values and the economic viability of the community in which they are found. Therefore, Preservation Dayton, Inc. requests that the City of Dayton establish enabling ordinances and necessary programs to:

  • Identify and register vacant buildings to determine the responsibilities of owners
  • Shift the burden of costs of vacant, blighted structures from the City and its residents to the owners of the structures (e.g., boarding, mowing, legal costs, police and fire calls, etc.)
  • Utilize fees and require reuse plans to incentivize owners to return properties to occupancy and productive use
  • Prevent additional properties from incurring code violations and becoming vacant


A motion to support the ordinance passed in favor. HSPI will send a letter of support to the City.



General Meeting Minutes from April approved.

President’s Report

  • City of Dayton – 2024 Budget Exercise
    1. Flyer passed around by Mark Manovich to show how funds are used
    2. Shows 51% the general fund goes to police/fire and about 20% to public works
  • Street Paving in South Park (Bonner, Johnson, Bradford and James)
    1. Saturday was pushed back due to our neighborhood garage sale
    2. Should be finished by the end of this week
  • Mowing
    1. The 2 week and under mowing change has been enforced, versus 3 weeks previously.
  • Emerson School
    1. Would like to attend a future meeting and share a new proposed plan.
  • Gazebo Mosaic Installation
    1. The city has given approval and would like to us to get feedback from the neighborhood. We are going to include the South Park Lady proposal in front of the Gazebo in the next upcoming newsletter. We will survey the neighborhood and ask for feedback at the next meeting.
    2. The residential proposal shared in the last meeting regarding birds (Cardinal being installed in front of Oak/Alberta) has been approved, as well.

Committee Reports

Parks: Planting and garden cleaning to come – see Nick if you are interested in volunteering

Housing: Many properties have very tall grass or overgrown, if you see this, please report through the Dayton Delivers app or our inspector, Timothy. [email protected] or call 937-333-3875. 911 Wayne has sold to same owner who owns the tire shop and convenient store on Oak/Wayne. PDI Awards and Cocktail Reception – Excellence Award, PDI Members are welcome for free, June 11th at the Arcade. The Gows will be honored. $15 for individuals or $25 for families. Wayne Ave. Safety Coalition: If you are interested in joining, please email [email protected]. South Park Tavern has applied for a new liquor license and is moving towards reopening ,

New Business

New Neighbor Party – Wednesday, June 28, 6-9, 326 Park Drive. Drinks provided, bring a dish to share.

Mueller Beer Barn Give Back – Tuesday, July 11th 5-9pm 20% benefits HSPI

Block Party: any interest?

Projects for the future – ideas by David Esrati: South Park Solar, South Park Community Building (old YMCA), Pool, Senior Living/Co-Housing Project

Yoga in the Park: Gehring’s would like to provide on Saturday’s at 10am, More details to come

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm