Tuesday, Mar 28, 7-8 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church (500 Hickory, enter from the parking lot)
Stay for a mini-social with wine and snacks after the meeting adjourns.


Meeting agenda:

  • Guest speaker Beth Miller of Wagtown, a group that advocates for dog friendly communities.  In light of a recent dramatic incident that resulted in 911 calls, human and dog injury, we’ve asked Beth to help dog owners make a plan for what to do if an off-leash dog approaches (or, worse, attacks) you and your on-leash dog, as well as how to handle encounters with South Park’s loose dog population. 
  • Updates on our proposals for Wayne Avenue safety
  • Anti-crime, HSPI officer and committee reports
  • Review the neighborhood social calendar.
  • Approve the March meeting minutes
  • After we adjourn: Socialize and discuss at our mini-social

See you there. Make sure you’ve paid your 2023 membership dues!


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