November Meeting, Tuesday, November 22, 7-8pm, Hope Lutheran Church

Three Historic South Park Inc. (HSPI) Executive Board positions are up for election this November for a 2-year term: First Vice President, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary.

1st Vice-President:  Nick Vanderpool (incumbent/running unopposed)
Nick works as a systems engineer and has served as 1st Vice-President for the past year, block captain for four years, and has been involved in various neighborhood projects for roughly six.“I’ve gotten to know many of my neighbors here in South Park and feel it’s a warmer, more tightly connected place than anywhere else I’ve lived.  Though I’m a little short on time these days, I’m happy to help in any way that I can.  I view transparency and notifying the community about any large decisions that may impact the neighborhood as the most important aspect of serving on the HSPI board.”Membership Secretary:  Erin Jeffries (running unopposed)
Erin is the vice president of a local non-profit that promotes individual self-sufficiency and provides direct assistance to under-resourced neighbors. She grew up in South Park and attended the University of Dayton before starting her career as a civil servant in community development. Erin moved back into her childhood home on Clover Street five years ago with her husband and daughter. 

“Serving on HSPI’s Board would be a privilege. I have benefited from South Park’s strong leadership in our community and productive partnership with local government for my entire life, and I look forward to learning from our esteemed leaders and making positive contributions in our neighborhood.”

Recording Secretary:  Sarah Morris (running unopposed)
Sarah is a Senior Community Development Manager with the American Cancer Society, managing fundraising events and volunteers across Ohio. As a 15-year cancer survivor, she is a passionate advocate in the fight! She and her husband, Willie Morris IV, moved to South Park with their 3 dogs in 2018 and had their son, Willie Morris V, in December 2020. 

You can find Sarah and the Willie’s at Blommel Park on most days, especially when the weather is nice. They also enjoy cycling, brewery hopping, and attending local events and festivals. 

“I am currently serving as Social Chair but is excited to run for the position of Recording Secretary. With my experience in leading volunteer committees for events with ACS, I feel my organization and attention to detail can positively impact HSPI meetings and meeting minutes.”

Review proposal to increase membership dues

The yearly membership dues for Historic South Park, Inc. have been the same since the 1990s. At the October meeting, the executive team proposed adjusting the dues amount to reflect the change in dollar purchasing power over the last 30 years. Discussion will be held before the vote, and we’ll be happy to provide more details at the meeting. Remember, you must be a member in good standing to vote!

Current annual dues Proposed annual dues
Individual Membership $10 $15
Household Membership $20 $25
Business Membership $15 $25
Silver Membership (age 70+) $0 $0


President – Mark Manovich. The HSPI president is responsible for leading all regular and special meetings of both the council and executive board. He appoints committee chairs and helps find support for them as needed. The president also maintains relationships with neighborhood partners and city officials to advocate for South Park.

First Vice President – Nick Vanderpool. Runs meetings in the absence of the president and first VP. Becomes president if the current president steps down. Duties as delegated by the president. In addition: brings suggestions to the team for outbound events (those that promote South Park to the public).

Second Vice President – Veronica Court. Runs meetings in the absence of the president and first VP. Becomes president if the current chief and first VP step down. Duties as delegated by the president. In addition: brings suggestions to the team for inbound events (those that promote South Park to its neighbors and encourage community).

Membership Secretary. Heads up an annual membership drive. Takes attendance at each meeting to ensure those who vote are members in good standing. Maintains list of members with contact information. Makes sure monthly meeting notices go out. In addition: This role would make an excellent Volunteer Coordinator, helping members find suitable ways to contribute to the neighborhood.

Treasurer – Holly DiFlora.  The treasurer is responsible for all council funds, financial affairs and tax filings. A financial report is given at each membership meeting.

Recording Secretary.  Records minutes of the Board and Membership meetings. Maintains a file of all past minutes. Oversight of the HSPI emails and Facebook pages, working with marketing/advertising /PR/webmaster in the timely dissemination of minutes/news/info/surveys. Keeps an annual meeting/events calendar, alerting planning teams to possible conflicts.

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