Wait! There’s more:

  • The Original Pizza Factory will be selling pizza by the slice!
  • Wholly Grounds will be offering  cold brew, iced teas, and other drinks!
  • Neighborhood Girl Scouts will be selling cold water!


Here’s the latest update on food and entertainment:

Bring a chair and join us under the trees on Park Drive Boulevard. Once you
arrive you can enjoy:
  • Food from the Claybourne Grille food truck and South park eateries
  • Beverages from Branch & Bone
  • Music at the Gazebo
  • South Park and Dayton vendors
  • “Only In South Park” stories
…more later, so stay tuned!


You should hear the stories.

Insane situations, stunning home rescues and a long history of partying. It’s all part of Historic South Park lore.

Bring a chair and join us under the trees on Park Drive Boulevard, Saturday, July 30, 3-6pm. RSVP for updates!

You will be sustained by food trucks, beer from Branch & Bone – entertained by musicians in the Gazebo, dramatic before-and-after neighborhood pictures – and amused by “only in South Park” stories.

Back in 1980, they said it couldn’t be done – the disinvestment too severe, crime too high, money too scarce, the challenge too daunting.

That’s when our revitalization efforts began. House by house, neighbors returned exteriors to their original turn-of-the-century looks and modernized interiors for comfort. It took all of 40 years and the work of hundreds of determined neighbors to prove them wrong. It’s high time we celebrated!

We invite everyone who has lived in South Park over the past 40 years and everyone who lives here now to our Reunion Block Party on the Boulevard.

We want to recognize all of you, and everything you’ve done to revitalize this remarkable neighborhood. Conceived in the 1880s as a community for a broad economic cross-section of workers, the diversity of our housing stock still attests to that social experiment – tiny cottages, showy Victorians, and everything in between for people from all walks of life. And here we are, still caring for this close-knit neighborhood.

Help us send word to anyone who’s ever called South Park home by sharing this invitation with those you’re still in touch with. And current neighbors, please mark your calendars.

We’re excited to celebrate everyone’s part in this truly remarkable comeback.

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