Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 7-8PM at Hope Lutheran Church

Call to Order: President Mark Manovich 7:00 pm

Introductions and Social Time Invite

City of Dayton Police Report

One violent crime in the last 30 days; two non-violent crimes in the last 30 days. Neighbors shared concerns about individuals walking door to door aggressively trying to distribute American Flags and promote “cleaning products” and home demonstrations. Neighbors continue to express concerns about the speeding vehicles from Emerson coming out of Hickory, turning on to Bonner.

Guest Presenter: Tim Bascom, City of Dayton Housing Inspector: 

Tim shared a new resource, a QR code door hanger, which covers do’s and don’ts in Historic districts and how to get a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) that shows you have applied for and been approved by the Landmark Commission for the changes you’d like to make to the exterior of your property.  While there are 14 City of Dayton Housing Inspectors, Tim covers the areas of South Park, Downtown Dayton, Wright Dunbar, McFarland, and University of Dayton. His hours are 7am-6pm, Tuesday-Friday. He looks at all complaints submitted to the City via its Dayton Delivers app and encourages neighbors to utilize this online resource.

As Chair of the Housing Committee, Karin Manovich recognized Tim for the large amount of work he’s devoted to South Park over the last several months to great success.

City of Dayton Community Relations: Martha Rodriguez

Martha shared the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) resource flyer with all in attendance. The city has Neighborhood Leadership Training available with applications open through Feb. 16th. Rebuilding Together Dayton looking for candidates to receive their funds and help. If you know an elderly or disabled neighbor, pass it along to Mark Manovich.

President’s Report – Mark Manovich
  • Mark shared an update on the easement draft that would allow Emerson School to move family traffic to Buckeye instead of Hickory Street.
  • Liberty School – Wayne/ Wyoming: Landmarks Meeting (Thursday, Jan. 25th 4:30pm), 6th floor of the Dayton Municipal Building. The architect met with Mark and Karin Manovich recently and made a few changes to the original plan. They moved the entrance and parking lot to the back of the building. If you have any comments or would like to attend, all are welcome.
  • BZA Hearing (Tuesday, February 27th, 4:30pm). The city has been encouraging this use for the school, but they will need many zoning variances prior to building. All are welcome to attend to share support of or concerns regarding the use of this land for this school and purpose.
  • Wayne Avenue Traffic Safety Coalition Media Event (Wednesday, January 24th 2pm) Join us at Ghostlight to hear updates from the WATSC
  • There will be a City of Dayton Neighborhood Presidents Forum (next Monday). If there is anything you would like shared at the upcoming President’s Forum, Mark will be attending next Monday on behalf of HSPI.
  • Old “Blommel Sign Building” (Wayne and Hickory) Trent Fisher, who bought the backside of South Park Green, has purchased this building and submitted plans.
Treasurer’s Report – Galen Wilson
  • Treasurer’s Report shared from Nov. 1, 2023-Jan. 23, 2024. Change/edit – $500 gift listed from “Square One” to “Rubi Girls”. Current balance is $14,344
General Meeting Minutes: approved.


Committee Reports

Membership – Amanda Korb:
Parks – Mark Manovich for Nick Vanderpool
  • If anyone has video footage or more details of the vehicle who drove through the black wrought iron fence on Oak going in to Blommel Park, please share.
Social – Sarah Dugan
  • Members shared feedback on the December 17th Cookie Exchange. Lots of cookies, but not as many kiddos in attendance this year. Committee will consider and earlier or later timeframe, not between 1-5pm, to avoid children’s nap times.
Block Captains – Amanda Korb
  • If you are interested in volunteering to support this role, please reach out to Amanda at [email protected]. We need additional street captains willing to walk through the neighborhood to distribute.
Housing – Karin Manovich
  • The old nursing home at 250 Park Drive will be torn down in 2024, according to the City of Dayton Housing Division who submitted the property under the Montgomery County Land Bank to the Ohio Department of Development Demolition Program. The ultimate goal is new infill housing replicating existing housing in design, similar to a pilot program in Huffman Historic District supported by the Land Bank. Suggestion from Galen was made to claim the fences in front of this area for use throughout the neighborhood, perhaps to repair Blommel Park.
  • Karin shared her direct email for neighbors: [email protected]

New Business

Budget and Calendar of Events for 2024:


  • Mark Manovich asked for $50 to print WATXC visual aids for the January 24 media event at Ghostlight. Motion approved.
  • Lucy Reed asked everyone to support her local Girl Scout Troop by purchasing Girl Scout cookies.
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at Hope Lutheran Church, 7-8 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm