Spring means cat heat season.

The increase sunshine and warm weather keeps our unfixed feline friends caterwauling and mating. In the case of our feral cats, it can lead to sickly offspring. Neighbors who’ve found deathly ill kittens on their property know how heartbreaking it can be.

Our spay/neuter program keeps the feral population healthy.

You can help feral cats at no cost to you. Capture them and take them to PAL for a free spay/neuter.

Thanks to a generous grant from Holly and Michael DiFlora, the Pet Advocate League (PAL) will fix your felines.

PAL hosts 4 clinics each month at 500 Hickory, right here in our neighborhood. You must have an appointment. Please call 937-278-8330 (we also ask that you please do not call the church).

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